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Learning curves

Posted in writing on 03/31/2007 by Susan Shay

What is it about learning to do new things that’s so difficult? Besides not beinig able to spell without spellchek, this should be easy. But it’s not. Maybe I just want someone to take me by the hand. (Please?)

We’ll see if it works.

This is a test.


Posted in writing on 03/31/2007 by Susan Shay

Margaret E. Reid ( and I are working on a program we’d like to give for other writers. Meg is a very talented writer who was missing the joy of writing.

I meet so many writers who can’t write, many because they’ve let their internal editors get out of hand and turn them into perfectionists. There are too many perfectionists in this world, so I’m going to see what I can do about eradicating them.

God didn’t expect us to be perfect. He knew we wouldn’t! He made us so we could enjoy this life and everything we do in it.

So . . . death to internal editors! I’d love to show others how to put the PLAY back into writing. After all, that’s what we’re doing if we’re writing fiction. We’re making believe or playing like. It was a great game as kids, and I still enjoy it.

Especially since I started working on Make Me Howl. It’s my story about a woman who was born a werewolf, and she loves being one. She has a sharp sense of humor and enjoys her life. (And eats the faces of those who bug her too much.) What could be more fun than that?

Another friend, Marilyn Pappano, inspired MMH. She let me read a chapter of a witch trilogy she’s working on, and it was just plain fun to read. I was working on a emotionally deep story about a woman who’s father is driving her crazy; since his death he just won’t shut up, who moves home to find the fiance (whom she jilted when she eloped with another man) living across the hall from her. 

It’s very angst ridden, and I wanted something fun to write, like Marilyn’s! So I came up with Jazzie Cannis, the sharp tongued wolf-woman, and the title, Make Me Howl, followed.  

And after all, if it’s not fun, why are we doing it?

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