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Do you read?

Posted in writing on 06/14/2007 by Susan Shay

Marilyn PappanoWhat are you reading?

I started “One Stormy Night”, by Marilyn Pappano, just a couple of nights ago. Talk about a surprise!

I thought I knew Marilyn. Actually, I do know Marilyn, which is why I have a copy before it’s actually on the shelves, but this is another Marilyn than I’m used to. A different tone. A new type of story.

I don’t know how to explain it. The work is sharper. Edgier. Faster paced.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s still strong, emotional writing, but it’s a whole new ball of wax. A heroine who isn’t who she’s says she is. That makes her a liar–not usually a good thing. And a hero who’s working for the BIG bad guy and wanting in on the take? Of course, the hero is yummy, and the heroine, although I don’t pay much attention to heroines, is probably okay, too. But she’s blond. (I don’t like blondes.)  

Question: How is Marilyn going to turn the hero around and make me like a man like that? And I probably won’t like the blonde, no matter what kind of job Marilyn does. After all, she’s . . . blonde.

The story begins with an estranged wife trying to steal the dirt on her going-to-be ex-husband. The ex is the big bad guy of the story. (yes, I know there’s a word for it–antagonist–but big bad guy describes him so much better) She runs, he chases, she crashes, and he holds her underwater in a flooding river until the current sucks her away.

It’s hard to go to sleep after that. No way you can put that book down.  

In one of her books a few years ago, she took a really bad spoiled baby brother nobody could stand in an earlier book and turned him into a great hero. (Name? Who remembers names?) It was part of her Heartbreak series, and the heroine starts out the story pregnant. But in the back story (or the prologue) she’s a one-night-hottie who visits a club and gets picked up by the hero-to-be. And she gets pregnant. (TSTL–too stupid to live– in this day and age.)

See what I mean? This woman takes less than likely characters and turns them into people I’d really like to know.

And I don’t have a doubt that she’ll do it this time.

I just can’t figure out how. If I could, I’d be Marilyn Pappano with 60 something published books under my belt instead of Susan Shay with only one. (But it’s a good one. <G>)    

So what are you reading? I’d really like to know.

BTW: I really do like some blonde women. My daughter-in-law is a blonde, and I love her! So is my bf, Meg. But as blondes go, they’re exceptions. <G> Give me a brunette or a fiery redhead anytime.

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