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Posted in writing on 06/19/2007 by Susan Shay

Did you ever Google yourself? The first time I heard about googling someone for anything  other than a history project was from a friend of mine. She’d googled me, and found me. (Probably on the last page.) And guess what?

She’s a writer.

No surprise. Writers google. They google to quickly find tidbits they need to know for manuscripts (rather than place a series of *** to mark missing information) to find dates, to learn how-tos and whys.

But mostly, they google themselves to see how they come up on the pages.

Yep, I do it, too.

When I google me, I’m not first on the page. (Surprised?) I’m in there, though.

First is Susan Shay, recruiter of exceptional talent. (Think she wrote that herself?) Then there’s Susan Shay Johnson, realtor; Susan Shay, vp Eng; and Susan D. Shay, lawyer. (I’m not a D. <G>)

I think one of these must be the Susan Shay who bought my .com and still hasn’t used it. *sigh*

Next is Susan Shay Brugger. (She gave up Shay for Brugger? Hm.) The next one in line has a PhD. Bright girl. Then there’s the mother of Stephan Shay. (What’s up with that?) After that we have another writer! It’s not fiction, though. She’s a science writer. Next up is a stage manager (I like that one)  a massage therapist (that one, too) and a chef (not me!)

But I’d like to make a request to the Susan Shays outs there. Lets have something exciting instead of all this humdrum talent, brains and workethic. Give us a Susan Shay, adrenalin junky; Susan Shay, firefighter; Susan Shay, parachutist. Jet figher pilot, explorer, discoverer of the lost ark. Heck, I’d even accept ‘female James Bond’.

I’m just asking for something exciting so I can google my name, point to it.  And lie. “That’s me. Right after I climbed to the top of Mount Everest, I did some scuba diving off the coast of Africa and discovered a sunken treasure ship.”

It could happen!  

All right, maybe no one would believe that about me. (My life’s so boring, I’ve had people disappear in the middle of an email conversation.) But I could point at the other Susan’s and say, “See what a great name can do for you?”

BTW: To the Susan Shay who owns If you aren’t going to use it, do you mind if I do?

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