Why write?

Someone asked me the other day, “Why’d you start writing?”

I had to think fast on that one. “Well, I had to do something.”

The truth is, I love reading and I’ve always wanted to write. From the time I was just a small child, I wanted to write. I just didn’t tell anyone. (My husband was surprised when he found out. Shocked might be a better word.)

To be totally honest, though, it’s more than that.

I write because I love finding the way to a happy ending when it looks as if that HE is impossible to achieve. I write because I like creating characters, then watching them take off and live their own lives.

I write because I can’t paint. (Long story.)

I write because I’m fractured. I’ve wanted to have so many different careers–nurse, geologist, actress, paleontologist, pilot (like Mom), race car driver. I’ve wanted to do so many things–live in Hawaii, visit Ireland, collect antiques, scuba dive, sky dive, travel to exotic places. I’ve wanted to experience, learn, taste, smell, feel so many things. Thing that I haven’t had the time or money (and probably aptitude) for.

Imagining is the next best thing to doing it. And I’ve got a heck of an imagination. (My spelling is just a small example.)  To be able to imagine it well, I have to learn about whatever it is I’m focusing on at the moment. (Yep, I’m incurably curious, too.)

 When I write it, I can actually live it.

Weird, huh? I’ve been told.

Other reasons I write: I like being creative. I enjoy using my talent. I really like the other women in my writers’ group and having friends who understand the voices in my head. And I like being more than just a wife and mother.

Not that I don’t LOVE being both. I do. But think about it–to be both a wife and mother depends on someone else. Being a writer depends only on me and how hard I want to work.  

NOT reasons I write: To get rich, quickly or any other way. <G> To become an overnight sensation. So I can be best friends with Nora Roberts. So I can have lots of book signings. So I can tell other people how. (I don’t remember how from one book to the next.) Because it’s so much fun trying to market the manuscript once it’s finished. Because I love getting up at 4 or 5 every morning to get that day’s writing done. Because it was so darn much fun learning how to make a website. (argh!)

Why do you do what you do? Even if you’re not a writer, why did you decide to be __________? (you fill in the blank) If you don’t want to put a comment up, email me. I’d like to know. (I told you I’m insatiably curious.)

My email address is on my website on the bio page. Come on. Share!          

2 Responses to “Why write?”

  1. seanachi Says:

    I actually just posted on this over on my blog 🙂

  2. You did! How funny. You know what they say about great minds.

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