Melanie got married!

My niece got married Saturday. I wasn’t there.  Crying 1The ceremony was in Mexico with just the immediate family in attendance. But my sister, Debbie, told me all about it. Want to hear the best part?

Almost everyone at the wedding was barefoot.

Can’t you see it? High noon and they’re on the beach, standing under an arch full of flowers with beautiful Melanie in a gorgeous wedding dress (I haven’t seen it but I have great faith in Debbie and Mel’s taste) the ocean a fabulous shade of green (or was it blue?) and the sun is shining. A light breeze is blowing off the ocean so it won’t get too hot. The sand is fine and white, and so deep it gets in everyone’s shoes, so they kick them off. I love it.

When our sister, Amy, got married, as soon as the ceremony was over (and before the reception) all four of us sisters and the maid of honor kicked our shoes into a pile. Amy has a picture in her wedding book (which cost more than my whole wedding) of that pile of shoes. It’s beautiful!

Barefoot. That’s the way to enjoy a reception.

And in Amy’s wedding book, there’s not one picture of me with my mouth open wide, eating cake.

There is a picture of me with my mouth open wide, eating cake in sister Cindy’s wedding book. Hey, it’s good stuff! All that gooey icing? Yum!

I wasn’t in sister Lisa’s wedding. Although she asked me, when she was in the planning stages, I was pregnant (just before having one of my miscarriages) so opted to be left out. Now I wish I’d done it anyway. It wouldn’t have been so bad to be uber pregnant in a bridesmaid’s gown. It would have made for great pictures. <g>

I was in sister Debbie’s wedding. I’d been married for just 6 months and had lost 30 pounds and had my hair cut in a cute style. (First time to have my hair cut by a male beautician.) When the pictures came back, my granddad, who I’d lived next door to almost my whole life, pointed at me and said, “I meant to ask someone at the wedding. Who is that girl?”

My mom couldn’t help laughing. “That’s your favorite granddaughter, Susan.”

And when my brother, Jeff, got married, he didn’t ask me to be his best man. <G> But I was okay with it. The guy he did ask is a better man than I am, and a better tennis player.

My favorite wedding story is our son, Danny’s. He had a surprise wedding–Danny got the surprise! His fiancee, China, was in law school. They were engaged, and she’d started planning the wedding and stressed out at least twice. So she decided to surprise him.

She called me and told me to tell my other sons, my dad and his wife. Her parents and siblings would be there and that was all.

Deanna, our favorite florist, made China’s bouquet for her. (The groom’s family always pays for the bouquet. Right?) 

We all went to the courthouse where she worked and, until time for the wedding, listened to the judge China worked for make rulings. After they’d put all the bad guys in jail, we all waited in the empty courtroom for the couple to get there. 

Finally Danny and China walked in. Danny looked great and China was absolutely beautiful. But when Danny saw all of us sitting there, he turned pale as milk. China looked up at him and said, “Wanna get married?”

Once he caught his breath, he answered, “You bet.”

When the judge asked him the usual questions, he answered loud and clear. “Do you promise to honor and love her?” “You know it.”

“Will you keep her all the days of your life?” “You bet I will!”

And shoes? Danny wore “nice” flip-flops, China wore gorgeous heels, and I had on my strappy high-rises. (Doesn’t wearing really high heels made up of tiny little straps make you feel sexy?)

Are you wondering if I tried the judge’s chair and gavel out for size? You bet I did! I’d make a great judge. 

I have to tell you the best line of the day. At the end of the ceremony, the judge said, “By the power vested in me by the State of Oklahoma and my right as a Texan, I pronounce you man and wife.”

Is that cool or what?

I only hope Deb’s memories of Melanie’s wedding day are as special as my memories of Danny’s.  

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