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Friday’s funny

Posted in Funnies on 06/29/2007 by Susan Shay

Okay, here’s the funny for today.

I had this great idea. “Hey, want to go to Wichita and surprise (sister) Lisa for her birthday? We’ll can take her to dinner, stay all night, then take her shopping the next day.”

Dad thought that was a good idea. Amy loved the idea, and Debbie thought it was a good one, too. Running short on time (as usual) I talked Amy into secretly calling Lisa’s husband and telling him about our plan.    

Then I rushed around, trying to get ready before the appointed leave time. And I made it!

We drove the three hours to Wichita, checked into the hotel, and waited a bit, then met Dad and Romanza at Lisa’s exercise machine store, Home Fitness. When we got there, the door was locked, so we banged on it a moment.

Lisa’s husband let us in.

Then Lisa saw us. “What are y’all doing here?”

Of course, she had to ask it over the noise of us singing Happy Birthday. 

Being the number one sister, I answered, “We’re going out to dinner, and tomorrow, we’re going to take you to have a makeover.”

Not. (this is the punch line.) 

Lisa’s husband had to leave town the next a.m. Early. Lisa had to work.

So we went out to dinner. While we waited for Lisa and her husband, I noticed a couple of hunky guys, waiting to be seated. Very good looking. Very muscular. Being a writer, I observed. <G>

Then Debbie nudged me. “Look! There’s Lisa’s boys!” And she pointed at the hunks.

Lisa’s boys? Those good looking very grown up men are Lisa’s BOYS??? *sigh*  What happened to the skinny little kids they used to be? When did they grow up and learn to carry on a conversation? And become interesting? *double sigh*

I really need to visit Wichita more often.

We had a great dinner. And the next day, we met Lisa for breakfast at The Good Egg before she went to work . The rest of us went shopping. Not being much of a shopper, I dropped after only a few hours. But sister Amy made like the energizer bunny. She kept going and going and going . . . .

Deb and I hitched a ride back to Lisa’s store with Dad. I got reaquainted with Toby (the dog) then I asked to try out one of their pieces of torture equipment. Sorry, I meant workout equipment.

Lisa clamped my ankles into a vise, then explained how to turn myself upside down without having a heart attack. Honestly, it felt wonderful. My spine snapped and stretched. I could feel myself growing taller and taller.

For those who know me–while I was upside down, I didn’t almost smother. (I knew you’d be worried.) 

If I’d stayed in that position much longer, I’d have grown so tall, I could have tried out for a women’s basketball team today instead of working in the office. But my eyes started feeling as if they were going to pop, so I gave up the ancient torture devise to sister Debbie (who did almost smother.) 

We spent the rest of the afternoon until we left trying out the machines and watching Lisa work her magic on the customers. (That girl could sell an ice maker to an Eskimo.)

I really don’t remember how old Lisa is (25 is probably about right) but I know she only keeps getting better.

So Lisa, remember:  When were partners in the lifesaving class? And every time you were supposed to “save” me, I had to secretly kick so we didn’t both go under? When your school teacher made you really mad, so I told you I’d just go burn down her house? When I made you work at the dress shop and you wanted to be off having fun with you-know-who? When I had to take you ( and the other sibs) along with me to the movies because I wasn’t old enough to date, and Dad thought having y’all along would make a difference? (It did.)

Having all those memories and a house full of beautiful sisters is what made life so much fun. And it’s probably why I decided to be a writer. Since I have all you characters in my head anyway, I might as well use you.

Have a great 26th year.  

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