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More Heelies

Posted in writing on 01/04/2008 by Susan Shay

I told you #1 son and DIL gave me Heelies for Christmas. And I’ve had a blast wearing them at work. Yep, at work (only, so far) where the carpet is thin enough to skate on but softer than landing on cement.

My youngest niece came to the office yesterday, running fever. After I doped her with Tylenol to make her feel better, she brought her gummy worms into my office and we munched while talking Heelies. She has a pair and so far, everything I know, I’ve learned from her. 😛

She informed me that the very newest foot toy is called Spinners. They have two wheels on each sole instead of only one. I’m not clear on whether they’re in a line, like in line skates, or side by side on the heel, but apparently I’m already behind the times.

Kind of like any time I buy a computer. The next day (or week) there’s something new that I don’t have. And, of course, I want it!

I’m not sure I want Spinners, though. Heelies try to whisk me away already. If I had two wheels, I might zip off to Mexico. And wouldn’t you miss me? <g>

Sister Amy is finally back at work (since my youngest niece is her daughter, that makes sense, doesn’t it?) I had no idea how much I’d miss her until she was gone for over a week. Ack!

She wanted to see me Heelie around the place yesterday, but I was working so hard, I didn’t have time. I told her would put them on today and let her pull me around town with her electric wheel chair. She’s ready, willing and able!

Of course, my niece thought of it first. Leave it to a nine year old. 🙂 

YIKES! I almost forgot:

Today’s MMH word count: 1041


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