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Posted in writing on 01/09/2008 by Susan Shay

I hate whiners, but I’m going to do it. (Whine.) I redid my homework for my online plotting class, and flunked that puppy again. 😦 I hate being the slow one in class. You know?

Here’s the deal–we were told that it’s best to start with a new idea. Don’t try to use a book you’ve been working on or have started plotting. So I thought, the muse story.

At least I found the title. SHE’S NO ANGEL. Like it? 

But I should have replotted Make Me Howl instead. At least I might have gotten close to getting something right. I think I’m finally getting close on the logline, but the premise escapes me completely.

Here’s my latest try:

Logline: When a novice writer’s muse offers to make her a best selling author, she’s thrilled . . . until she learns that to receive the gift, she must make her boss, who’s a dedicated heartbreaker, fall in love with her.

Here’s Elle’s suggestion for my logline: Magical Muse promises to make novice writer a literary hit in exchange for making a dedicated heartbreaker fall in love with her.

Is she good or what? 

Here’s my premise:

The Promise: “I’ll make you Nora Roberts—”

The Challenge: —”if you can turn Colorado’s most dedicated heartbreaker into happily ever after.”

The ladies teaching this class have something wonderful to say about every try. Nobody could get discouraged in one of their classes. They liked my premise . . . but for something else.

I can see it on a movie poster, can’t you? 😉

It’s not even close to what they were asking for. So I’m jogging back back to the drawing board.

I think I’ll print out the lecture and see if holding it in my hands will help.

Or maybe I should just hire a tutor. 😛

Today’s MMH word count: 1009

Yesterday’s Count

Posted in writing on 01/09/2008 by Susan Shay

I forgot to give MMH’s word count yesterday. Why didn’t y’all remind me?

Here it is: 1070

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