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Yesterday’s no count.

Posted in writing on 01/12/2008 by Susan Shay

Okay. I missed a day of writing. Beat me already and lets get it over with. I’ve caught a cold, and I’ve got a sore froat. (I can’t say sore throat without changing the “th” to an “f”. Sorry.)

It’s no wonder, of course. All the kids who come to the office have had them, and I can’t stay away from the kids. (It’s a family business. Need I say more?)

But with a cold comes drainage, which caused my sore froat. For me, the only thing that works on drainage is Benadryl. And, naturally, it makes me super sleepy. So I couldn’t get out of bed yesterday to write.

I got a big, fat goose egg. Boy I hate seeing that on my daily word count. Ugly!

Today, though, I wrote! It might not be good, but it’s there. At least I can fix it later.

Speaking of later, today is Romance Writers Ink’s first meeting of 2008. I think I’m ready. I have extra renewal sheets, and the ones that came in the mail.

I’m not taking the proof that the members are actually writing because that would be too heavy to carry. To be a member of RWI, you must actually write. Innovative, aren’t we? 😉 And you have to do at least one volunteer duty a year, plus judge in our contests. We’re a demanding lot.

Anyway, I’m excited to see everyone. And I’m thrilled about our speaker, Sherry Rowland, who owns Two Sisters Promotions. Uh, yeah. She owns it with her sister. 🙂 Makes sense, huh?

 Sherry is Jaci Burton’s publicist and is giving a talk about what we can do to promote our books without hiring her. And, I’m hoping, a little about what she can do for us. Not that I’m ready to hire her, but one of these days . . . .

Today’s MMH word count: 1030

Tomorrow, I’m trying to move it up to 1100 a day, so keep your fingers crossed.   

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