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Judy Knows Knitting!

Posted in writing on 01/18/2008 by Susan Shay

I took a class last night–well, it was more of a trunk showing and book signing. Louisa Harding, the designer, was in Tulsa at Loops, a great knitting shop in Utica Square.

The class was free, but the books weren’t. 😉

First Louisa told us about her background, how she’d learned to knit from her grandmother when she was six. Then, being artistic–and girlie–when she went to college, she studied to be a clothing designer. Her husband does all the photography in the books, and the pics are so wonderful, I’d almost buy the books for them alone.

Louisa used a phrase I wish I could remember now. Something like, “There’s a little Barbie inside every woman.” It was a way of explaining her totally feminine designs, which are absolutely to die for!

When I got to the class, the first person I saw was Judy Randle, the Tulsa World book editor. (Who’d have guessed an editor at the Tulsa World knitted?)

I gave her a big grin. “Hi Judy! How’re they hanging?” Okay, I didn’t say “How’re they hanging”, but it would have been funny.  

She grinned back at me. “Well, hi!”

I think she might have remembered my face, but not my name, and maybe not how she knew me. I tossed little bits about books into the conversation to help her. Then I said, “There’s only one of you when you visit our writers’ group, and there’s always a bunch of us. I’m Susan Shay.”

She didn’t pretend she’d known all along, which I appreciated.  Judy loved Louisa’s books as much or more than I did, because her stack at check out was even taller than mine!

After I’d paid for my books, I took them to Louisa to sign, and while sitting there, told her about the Dr. Who scarf I’m knitting. And she knew what it was.

I’m always thrilled when someone knows who Dr. Who is. Not because I’m such a big fan, but because I’m going to hate it when my kid’s walking around in this humungous scarf and everyone is saying, “Who did that to you?”

Maybe I can get him to answer. “That’s right. Dr. Who.”

Kind of a “Who’s on first” type conversation.   

BTW: Last spring I wrote a novella called Knitted Together about a woman who inherits a knitting shop in a small town in Texas. The idea was Margaret E. Reid’s ( She’s the person I’m talking about when I refer to bf Meg and an absolutely terriffic writer.  She’s working on one of the novellas, and BF Marilyn Pappano is planning to write the other.

When the other novellas are finished, and the book gets published, we might be able to get Judy to review it for us. After all, Judy knows knitting!  


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