How to download a picture on wordpress

M & <Okay, this is especially for bf marilyn) 

I go down to the browse thingy (the one in gray next to the empty box, which is next to FILE)  and click on it.  If you click on the BROWSE in the blue box next o browse all and upload, you go to that weird place.

That puts the pic where you see the one of M & M girls.

To add another one, I have to publish the first, then go in to edit for another one.

To put it where I want, I click on the picture, then go to edit, cut. Then scroll down where I want it and click paste.


One Response to “How to download a picture on wordpress”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Well, poop. I keep getting various error messages when I click on the browse thingy. It says my password is invalid, there’s no directory for the pictures, the directory is there but can’t be accessed.

    Why does WordPress like you better than me? Waaah.

    But thanks for the help!

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