MMH word count

It’s snowing today in Oklahoma. Right now it’s coming down pretty hard. Not the slow, float to the ground with beautiful swirls kind of snow but the blowing at an angle getting to the ground as fast as it can kind.

To be truthful, I like either kind. It probably stems from when I was a kid. My mom always enjoyed snow. She’d make hot chocolate and snow ice cream every time it snowed.  She’d go out with us and play for as long as we wanted, helping us make snowmen or pulling us on our sled.

When we got cold, she’d warm us up. And when we were ready to go out again, she’d be right there with us. Never did she complain about the messes we made.

Of course, by the time we got to #4, she wasn’t spending as much time running out to play as she did when I was an only child, but even with four or five kids to wipe up after, she didn’t fuss.

My dog, however, doesn’t like the snow. Molly is a fair weather dog. If it’s wet or snowing, she wants to stay inside. For everything. Doesn’t want her feet or her backside getting wet. And yelling Quit it! Quit it! Quit it! Quit it! as fast as we can get the words out of our mouths doesn’t get her to stop yakking or pooping where ever she wants. 😦   

Guess who get to wipe up after her? *sigh*

Any ideas on how to teach a dog to love inclement weather?

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