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Margaret and Helen

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I’ve discovered a new blog to entertain me. It’s

It’s a blog written by two 82-year-olds who’ve been best friends for 60 years. It caught my attention, to say the least. Helen does most of the posting, and she’s sharp as a needle. She talks about the upcoming election with great clarity.

So much clarity, in fact, that after watching/listening to 82-year-old Cloris on Dancing with the Stars, I’m starting to wonder if Helen’s grandson, Matthew, isn’t writing it for her.

Whoever is writing it, they make some great points.

And they have some wonderful merchandise for sale. (Big surprise, huh?) I’ve picked out a couple of things I need to order for friends’ Christmas presents.

Hop over there and check it out. Even if you don’t agree with them, it’s pretty entertaining.

BTW: She called Sarah Palin a bitch. <G> A little old lady who rides on a broken hip scooter, who calls the dimpled Ms. Palin a bitch. Made me laugh out loud.

Don’t boycott them because they used that nasty word. The girls are still pretty funny.


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Isn’t Halloween a great holiday? There’s not a lot of planning that goes into it. Just a little candy buying and costume buying (or making) and carving a jack-o-lantern.

For me, though, the best part is the memories.

I remember scary dreams I had on Halloween night as well as the dream one of my sisters (sometimes known as #4) had about a witch cutting off her leg. I thought it was funny, but she was shaking all over when she told me about it. Guess it’s a good thing dreams are age specific. 😉

I remember special years when we trick or treated. Once I was a blind ghost–holes in the sheet kept shifting so I couldn’t see where I was going. Once I wore my dad’s older brother’s clown costume he’d worn when he was my age. Kind of fell apart as we made the rounds, but it was a beauty.

A really special memory is the year my folk moved into the house I grew up in. A crowd of people from our old town (20 miles away) came to give us a surprise house warming and all our old friends were there to t-o-t with us.

To be honest, my favorite part of Halloween has to be the movies. My favs are not the cut ’em up and watch ’em bleed kind. I like the good OLD ones like The Wolf Man starring Lon Chaney Jr.

TWM  was made in 1941. (Makes you wonder if that was before the attack on Pearl Harbor, doesn’t it?)

When we were kids, my sister Debbie and I went to the movies most Saturday afternoons with our friend, Marsha Hagberg. Marsha was a little younger than me and a little older than Debbie, so she made a great friend for the two of us to hang with. We saw all the good old movies. Frankenstein–1931. The Mummy–1932. Several vampire movies that were all old and scary. And we thought everything was new!

Marsha watched most of them through her fingers or hiding her face completely while she whispered, “Tell me what’s happening! Tell me what’s happening!” Marsha usually sat in the middle, so I’m not sure what Debbie was doing. Either she was braver than Marsha or too afraid to talk loud enough for me to hear. (I seem to remember the two of us crowding into one theater seat a time or two, but I’m not sure which was more afraid. Her or me.)

Right now I’m hoping I can catch THIRTEEN GHOSTS, the original one made in 1960. There were wonderful actors in the movie. Martin Milner, Margaret Hamilton (The Wicked Witch of the West), Rosemary Decamp (from the Munster’s tv show)

For years I thought the picture was in 3D because of the glasses they gave us to wear, but today I found this:

  • The movie was filmed in “Illusion-O” and a pair of special glasses where needed to see the ghosts. This resulted in a number of sources incorrectly stating that the film was originally shown in 3D. The “ghost viewers” contained a red filter and a blue filter but unlike 3D viewers, both eyes would look through the same color filter. One color would cause the ghostly images to intensify while the other color caused the images to fade.

I thought watching through the image fading color was a waste of my $$, so I braved it out. (I can’t say what Debbie and Marsha did.)

There are a ton of vampire movies I loved watching back then. I just wish I could remember the names of them in order to look them up. It’s funny they made so many vampires and so few wolf men, isn’t it?

Today you find more vampire romances to read, too, and very few werewolf.

(From Young Frankenstein) Werewolf?


Where wolf? There. There wolf.

Why are you talking like that?

I dunno. I thought you wanted to. I’m easy.

Yeah. Funny scary movies rank up there, too. The (new) Mummy, Lost Boys and Young Frankenstein are on the top of my list in that department.

If you have a minute . . . I often wonder if anyone else had a movie childhood like mine. Did you catch any of these movies on the big screen? Which were your favorites?


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I’ve been reminded several times today –when I saw the calendar this a.m., when my ‘puter booted up, when I limped in to check emails on the desk ‘puter, TODAY IS MEGGIE’S BIRTHDAY!

Margaret E. Reid, one of my very favorite authors, is a year older today, and I hope she gets everything she wishes for.

This is also Marilyn Pappano’s birthday month. They’re within 2 weeks of being exactly the same age. The three of us are uber close friends. It’s funny, too, because we’re a little different–but more the same.

Meg’s a Texas gal (aka Baja Oklahoma) from the heart out. My mama lived in Texas for a few years, so maybe that’s why we like each other so much.

Meg’s been married to more than one man–and Marilyn and I’ve only been married to one each–but we’ve all only looked for the real HEA. Maybe that’s why we like each other so much.

Marilyn has pubbed around a thousand great books and Meg and I have one each on the market at this time, but we love and support one another’s work totally. Maybe that’s why we like each other so much.

The real thing we like about each other is the heartfelt knowledge of friendship is there in all of us. Each one of us would go to the death for the other two. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do, nothing we wouldn’t give.

Honest-to-goodness heartfriends are rare (and beautiful) as diamonds, and they make my life shine.

What makes real heartfriend? For me it’s knowing we always want what’s best for the others, and they’ll always love me, no matter what silly thing I do or say.

And we share heartaches as well as triumphs.

Never jealous. Never fussy. Never ugly.

And I’ve noticed that people who are heartfriends have other friends who’ve been friends from the beginning of time.

I often wonder how people who aren’t friend-ish survive in this world. They’re really missing out on something beautiful.


Thanks for the gift of your friendship.


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Miss me? I had my hippy hippy cocopuff scoped last Thursday. Not the way I’d suggest anyone spend their vacation, but it wasn’t killer, either.

At least I have a nice doc, who has a great staff. I have yet to run into a person who works there that I don’t like. (And most of them are readers, so that makes them extra special!)

DH, MS and my dad were all there for the surgery. They did a nerve block on my hip, and since I didn’t want to be present for it, the anesthesiologist knocked me out from the get go. (I heard a man getting a nerve block for his shoulder surgery and it sounded awful!)

I prayed my way to sleep and when I woke up, my family was there. I got dressed and we went home. I took along a dead leg–for which I was extremely greatful. It was dead for two days, and I now have an even greater respect for my baby sister and her husband. (She’s in a wheelchair all the time.)

Even my un-affected leg didn’t work for several hours. Talk about a weird feeling! And having to depend on someone else to do everything for you isn’t a lot of fun. Well, after the first few days it’s not a lot of fun. At first it’s a ball. 😉

I’m feeling better now. The leg is alive again, and I’m walking with crutches most of the time. I can take a step or two without them, though. My biggest trouble now is when I get up for very long, I get hot and woozy. Since I’m never far from the couch or a bed, it’s not too bad though.

I’ve gone through most of my favorite movies, finished the bag I started knitting and am about finished with the final edits on BLIND SIGHT. (I try not to do too much at one time because I get sucked into the story and forget to watch for problems.) I hope to finish by this Thursday. 

Still no pub date. I’ll let you know as soon as I have one.

So how are you spending  your Halloween? I’ll be on the couch. Doubt if anyone buys candy for it this year since I won’t be able to answer the door. (DH might surprise me, though. He enjoys the leftovers.)

I haven’t decorated either. (I still have MS’s stuff stored in my living room, so there’s little reason to bother.)

I am chatting somewhere Halloween morning. I’ll find out where and let you know so you can keep me company. I’ll be giving away a copy of Blind Sight, so be sure and check it out.


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Deb Dixon’s visit reminded me how much I love quilts. These are hers. Amazing, aren’t they? You can even see the blue ribbons hanging off a couple of them. Read more about Deb’s quilting expertise on her blog, Riding with the Top Down.








I’ve started a few quilts, made several squares and finished a wall hanging or two and one baby quilt. A pink and white one, created while I was pregnant with my 3rd baby. (I really, really wanted a girl. Go figure.) The baby quilt was a sampler with different heart squares. I used a ruffled white lace for the edging.

I’ve mentioned before that I have three sons, so you’ve probably already guessed the quilt didn’t get used to wrap BB in. But it made a great wall hanging for my hallway when we moved to Pryor. 😉

I have a quilt that my paternal great-grandmother made, which I wrapped BB in after his (out patient)  appendectomy when he was in 4th grade. It really comforted him when he wasn’t walking into walls because of the pain medication they sent home with him.

I have my maternal grandmother’s wedding ring quilt that her mother and sister made for her the first year of her marriage, which was during WWI! I have two cross-stitched quilts–one my mom made me and one my dad’s mother made for her bed when I was about 16. While watching her work on it one day, I said, “Would you please leave me that quilt when you die?”

Years later one of my aunts asked if she could have it and Grandmother answered, “Oh, no. You can’t have it. I promised Susan this quilt while I was making it.”

I love each and every one of my quilts, but one of my favorites was made by my mother’s paternal grandmother. Mom and her siblings thought it was U-G-L-Y!!! and planned to trash it.

I went by Grandma’s to pick up some furniture I inherited. Mom said, “We really need to pad this so it won’t get scratched.”

“Do you have anything we can use?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah! That old quilt. We were going to throw it away.” Mom ran into the house and brought out a crazy quilt of sorts. It was just squares, not fascinating shapes, and the colors were faded and didn’t particularly match. Some of the fabrics were loosely woven wool, some were corduroy, and others were cotton.

But it was a connection to a grandparent I would never meet in this life. “You can’t throw this away. It’s beautiful.” Beautiful because it was made by loving hands out of fabrics worn by other family members I wouldn’t be meeting anytime soon. (I hoped.)

“Then keep it. I don’t want it back.” Mom wasn’t very sentimental, and I wasn’t about to argue with her.

Today it hangs in my entryway next to the cross-stitched quilt Mom made me.

I’m not a big contest person, but Mom’s would probably win if I’d enter it. Great-Grandma Reeves’s might win . . . if there’s a prize for the oldest (or best loved) quilt anywhere.

A Poll!

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Not political, silly. Romance reader poll. Vote for the one you like best. 8)

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