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Posted in writing on 03/31/2009 by Susan Shay
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Excitement in Oklahoma

Posted in writing with tags , , , , on 03/29/2009 by Susan Shay

Exciting Oklahoma! I know it’s a well kept secret, but I’m going to let the cat out of the bag. 😉

A ton of snow fell yesterday. Well, maybe not a ton, but there was snow aplenty. It was beautiful, too. Big flakes, twirling and whirling as they fell. They’d shrink to confetti size, then grow to the size of a fifty cent piece. We had 6-8 inches before it quit.

The good thing about an Oklahoma snow in spring is that it doesn’t stay around. The roads melt off pretty quickly and there aren’t nearly as many wrecks as when we have a killer ice storm.

The bad thing is, I have no TV service during a heavy snow storm, so I have to watch favorite movies on DVD. (I know. It’s a hard life, but someone has to live it.)

Yesterday I watched “Jeremiah Johnson” (don’t you LOVE Robert Redford?) “Laura” and “Now, Voyager.” I didn’t get a lot of nap time like some of my friends 😉 but the day was fantastic.

Also uber exciting–I finished writing Texas Hearts. Now I just have to reread it, get a friend to critique it and find a place to sell it. A snap, right?

And speaking of excitement, it’s only 19 days until “BLIND SIGHT” will be for sale. WOOHOO! I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it.

BLIND SIGHT is the story of a touch psychic. A touch psychic is someone who “reads” a person by touching them or something they’ve touched.

I saw “Vibes” a long time ago. In it a touch psychic (Jeff Goldblum) touched his girl friend’s underwear and “saw” that she was having an affair with someone else.

The movie was pretty funny, but the reason I remember it was the touch psychic. He made my imagination soar!

I used a “psychic” episode that actually happened in my life when I was a girl, and wrote “BLIND SIGHT”.

I hope you’ll check it out! 


The Black and White of it

Posted in writing on 03/28/2009 by Susan Shay

Come on over to writingsluts and learn why I’m seeing in black and white today.


Posted in writing on 03/19/2009 by Susan Shay

I’ve been bitten–many people have, especially writers. The way you can tell is you’ll find scattered around unfinished projects, incomplete manuscripts and a dusty, cluttered desk.

This monster creeps up on you without your realizing he’s even there. Here’s how it begins: You’re busy, writing a scene, when the phone rings. It’s your BF who says, “Lets go to lunch.”

What you should say is, “I can’t today, my pages aren’t done. How about tomorrow?”

Instead you rationalize. “I don’t get to spend much time with her.” “I’ve put her off too many times lately.” Or the dreaded, “I can finish this later. I’ve Got All Day.” (IGAD)

The first time those words play through your head, stop what you’re doing, grab a silver cross and hide your neck. You’re about to be attacked by the IGAD Monster.

It might sip from your blood stream only once a month at first. Then the ogre will return more and more often until you’re looking for ways to feed him.

Once he drinks from you, the monster will return time and time again until he sucks you dry. 

After that your life will no longer be your own. You’ll belong to the monster–heart, mind and creativity.

Heed my warning. Be strong! Fight the valiant fight. Don’t give the Igad Monster a toe hold.

The life you save may be your own.

Happy Birthday/St. Patrick’s Day

Posted in writing on 03/17/2009 by Susan Shay


My beautiful niece, Whitney, is having a birthday today. And she isn’t even green! This is not a picture of her. I wish I had one to share. She’s young, beautiful and smart. One of those women everyone wants to know.leprechaun03

I’m working today, so I won’t be making a big Irish meal for dinner. I did see a recipe in the tiny Martha Stewart magazine for baked meat pies that I might try–if I have the energy by the end of the day.

It’s spring break week–and where I work thats ‘Bring your kids to work week.’ It’s not too bad, except those kids are smart! If their parents are working up front, they come to the back to go wild. If the moms are in back, the kiddos go to the front.



This is NOT a picture of me and John MyCane. I’m not that good. Yet.

If you catch a leprechaun, do you get three wishes or his pot of gold?

leprechaun02I know. I’ve gone kind of crazy with the leprechaun pictures today. They’re cute though.

There’s a contest at . That’s The Wild Rose Press’s new inspirational publishing enterprise. Go on over and win a potful of e-books. And if you do, share them with me!



Posted in writing on 03/16/2009 by Susan Shay

Come on over to WRITINGSLUTS and read about the KILLING ZONE.


Posted in writing on 03/14/2009 by Susan Shay

I’m set up to receive Google Alerts. That means  if anyone googles me, I get an email notice. It doesn’t tell me who checked me out–which I’d really like to know– or why (although sometimes I can guess why). At least I know about it.

Yesterday I got this:

Google Web Alert for: “To School a Cowboy” To School A Cowboy: Susan Shay: The Kindle Store
Start reading To School A Cowboy on your Kindle in under a minute. …. To School a Cowboy is a sinful pleasure. Susan Shay’s attention to detail,
To School A Cowboy
Lowest Price: $4.80 Highest Price: $10.99 Average Price: $7.90 —— When Boone Dalton invites Julia Seymour to start a day camp on his ranch near Carson, OK,

How about that?  I’m for sale on Kindle! And I didn’t even know it.

Is that cool or what? I don’t own a Kindle (yet) but you can read my work on one.  

My book has been available to download since it was published, but that alert was concerning an ad specific to Kindle. I think it’s wonderful.

Yes, I’m easily excited. 🙂

Besides fantastic email alerts, I’m also excited about going to my RWA chapter meeting today. Mark Darrah, a teacher at Tulsa Community College, will be giving us the lowdown on writing a man’s point of view. This should prove interesting. Makes me wonder how far he’ll go down that road. If it gets interesting, I’ll let you know. <g>

The rest of the weekend is relatively open. Church in the morning, then who knows?

What do you have planned for your time off–if you get any. (That was aimed at #4.)

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