Pat’s New Old House

When G-Man’s father died, we bought the house to refinish and sell.

That’s been several years ago. Not exactly a bargain after we’ve kept it this long, but we’re just about finished, and now I’m so glad he did it!

Before we bought the house, for reasons beyond our control, it had been neglected for many years and needed lots of work. Now it has it!

We pulled up old carpets and refinished the wood floors.

This is a picture of my wood floor at home  Pat’s wood floor. The floor has narrower strips, kind of like you’d find in a butcher block.

It’s absolutely beautiful now that it’s been redone. Not perfect, but so pretty I can hardly wait to share.

Yesterday I went over to sand and paint the window seats in the living room and bedroom. I could just imagine them being made the focal point of the room. I’m going back to put on a second coat today.

This is a picture of the real window seat. You can see cardboard on the floor so my drips won’t mess it up. And there’s blue tape protecting the walls. I can only imagine how it’ll look when someone moves in.

Can’t you imagine the bedroom with the window seat with a cushion to make the backside more comfortable and piles of pillows? What an inviting place for a little girl to dream or read or write in her diary. (Do little girls write in diaries anymore?)

This pic is from

In the hallway, there’s a place built into the wall for a phone. Yesterday I told G-Man that we needed to paint it, too, so it would match the rest of the woodwork.

“I don’t know if I want to do that. My granddad made it for my mom. When they built the house, she called and asked him to build it. This is the original condition.”

I couldn’t stand it. Not only did I NOT want to paint it, I didn’t want to sell it with the house. Knowing who’d built it, I wanted to keep it so we’d always have a connection to his mom’s dad.

So I asked him to remove it and bring it home. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it once I get it home. Hang it on the wall, probably. I’ll share it with you when I do!

Here it is!!! It’s setting on a yellow tote lid. Try to ignore the dust. 😛

Isn’t it beautiful???

10 Responses to “Pat’s New Old House”

  1. I need to see real photos please! So is this the house in Country Club Drive?

  2. Angie Vaughn Says:

    It really looks nice and I love the color of the wood floor.

  3. Kathy Hale Says:

    I’m crying just reading this. Can’t wait to see the pictures. I absolutely adored Pat & Emily. They were in my life from the time I was born…. & I have wonderful memories of them & their home. Glad you are fixing it up. Please give my best to Gary.

    • I know. Reading your FB stuff brought to mind times with your family. Gary has some great stories he tells about your brothers. That was a wonderful neighborhood.

  4. New pics are up.

  5. The G-Man does good work!!

  6. Awesome site, I had not noticed previously during my searches!
    Continue the wonderful work!

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