Disappointing Mary

Yesterday I posted a question on Facebook and Twitter.

Hey Okies: Mary or Jari for gov? I hrd NYT is predting an easy win for Mary Fallin over Jari Askins. Right or wrong? (And how do they know?)

I hoped to get some answers (I like and dislike things about both candidates) but also hoped the question would bring to light predictions and how those calls are made.

Do they actually come to Oklahoma? (I wasn’t sure that the coasts even recognized Oklahoma as part of the US.) If they do poll in OK, do they only go to cities or do they go to smaller towns, too? Do they contact people who are truly going to vote, or do they just look at the way OK voted in the last election and go with that?

To be very honest, I’m about as unpolitical as I can be.

But here’s what’s funny–When I got home from work last night, I had a message that Mary Fallin is following ME on Twitter. Yikes.

Boy is she going to be disappointed.


Being Terminally Curious I wonder about other people. I know they’re out there, the folks who love politics and get a charge out of knowing all about the way the country, state or city is run.

But that’s not me. When it’s time to vote, I’ll read up on Mary and Jari to find out what they’re promising. Trouble is, I’m a skeptic. I know they won’t be able to keep every promise they make. They probably don’t even want to keep them all.

For most people, that’s just the way of the world. No big deal.

But I’m not most people. What I need to know about a person running for office is about their integrity. I firmly believe a person is only as good as her word.

If you’re a liar or a cheat, I don’t want to vote for you. Even if you’re only a cheat in your personal life or only lie when you’re talking to your loved ones, I still won’t believe in you. Because sooner or later, when the heat is on and you’re under great stress, you’ll do it to us, too.

You’ll cheat your constituents. You’ll lie to us and smile while you’re doing it. Because you can.

But if you honestly want what’s best for all the people, if you want all our citizens to live the best lives possible with jobs that pay a fair wage and affordable housing, and if you want all our kids to have the best education and future out there, and to be able to get it here, in our great state . . .

Let’s talk.

2 Responses to “Disappointing Mary”

  1. NYT wasn’t giving Jerri Askins very much of a percentage, were they? I am going with the Republican.

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