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Still Pumped

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I’m still jazzing over last weekend’s conference. The attendees were wonderful! We had so many great people, I can’t name them. I might leave one out, then I’d feel bad. <g>

But I’ll share a few of my pics with you. marilyn-meg-and-me-too-sized.jpg I call this one the 3M’s. Marilyn, Meg and Me. I’m the one in the middle.


Meg’s presenting Linda with her 2nd place certificate. We were all so excited for her, we almost popped.

This is Jules, our premier auctioneer, and Jackie, our super prez.


Oh, and she’s taking bids on the Hens’ basket. It was gorgeous, and full of wonderful surprises. It sold for the highest $$ of the day!

These two were among my favorite speakers. They were so much fun! More than I expected, and I love a good time.


               Jenna Petersen and Allison Brennan.

Pictures of Friday Night

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[rockyou id=80994388&w=426&h=320]

The Reception was Amazing!

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Last Friday night they had the reception to celebrate Melanie’s marriage to Jeremy. It was wonderful, beautiful and a big pile of fun! Anyone who was invited and didn’t go missed out on a great time. (That means you, Lisa!)

Melanie was so beautiful, I lack the words to describe her. She was radient, gorgeous, and, oh, so happy! Trouble is, her mother almost stole the show. Debbie wore a dress that made her look like a queen. Her hair was perfect. Her makeup was perfect. Everything about her was . . . well, you get the picture. And she was having so much fun! She welcomed everyone as if they’d just entered her home and put us at ease. I wondered if we’d ever want to go home.

The tables were set with roses and candles. And there were two loooong buffet lines with delicious food. I visited both! (The other line had watermelon!) As we entered we passed beautiful stemmed glass containers filled with candy, and on the table there were tiny white buckets and a note from Melanie and Jeremy to fill them up with candy.

We did!

I got to visit with people I hadn’t chatted with in some time, and with some I talk to almost every day, which sounds weird, I know. But this was different. It was a party and we didn’t talk about work.

I saw people who make up most of my happiest childhood memories as well as a couple of nieces who live clear over in Oklahoma City. And they were gorgeous! (Can you tell I come from a good lookin’ family?)

My dad was there with his wife, both looking very spiffy, and a couple more of my sisters showed up, both vying with Melanie for the looks limelight. The only really important people missing were my brother and his family, who were out of state on vacation, and my super-sister and her family, who live out of state.

Later I was pleased to see lots of people out on the dance floor, having fun. Our minister’s daughter, who had her last birthday while in the hospital for a brain tumor, was there, teaching everyone else how! My youngest niece was right beside her, learning. <g> And my youngest sister, who hangs out in a wheelchair, says she even had a dance with a friend. (Not her husband!?!)

I was there with two of my sons, who looked handsome as ever, but I couldn’t get either one to dance with me. Maybe it was the heels on those sexy shoes I wear that scared them. <g> (For future reference, stilettos do not scar for life.)

I thought I could depend on my dad for a dance. I started out referring to the lessons he and his wife took a few years ago. “You and Romanza should dance, Dad.” I figured if I caught him on the dance floor, it’d be hard for him to turn me down.

He leaned a little close to his wife. “Uh, we need to practice up before we dance.”

“This is a great place to practice.” I was being encouraging.

“Will you dance with me?” He thought he had me with that question.

“You bet!” I jumped at the chance.

“How about New Year’s Eve?”

New Year’s Eve? Hello, that’s 5 months away. NOBODY needs that much practice. But I accepted the invite anyway. “You’re on!”

Debbie invited me to dance with her, but I couldn’t figure out which of us would lead. So I left the reception without dancing–in the designated space, anyway. I can’t promise what I did while listening to the music on the sidelines.  

When we left, there was a helicopter circling overhead, shining a bright spotlight on the ground. I waved and waved, but couldn’t get them to shine it on me. The fact that it was a police helicopter didn’t matter. I wanted to say hi.

My kids nudged me and told me to stop, but it was late and I’d had coffee. I was on a buzz. But the guys in the ‘copter wouldn’t wave back. *sigh* Maybe next time.

Now you know all about the reception. Almost as good as being there. Isn’t it?    

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