If you haven’t guessed, I sometimes write about the paranormal. Because I’m not psychic, but do enjoy reading and learning about them, I’ve started a series of interviews with a few. You’ll find them here.

My book, BLIND SIGHT, is the story of touch psychic, Cassaundra Reynolds, who discovers a serial killer is targeting women in her small community. Only with the help of Keegan Flynn, who believes in no one and nothing, can she stop him. Can she convince him in time or will Christmas this year be murder?

From what I can tell so far, I’ve come pretty close to making my psychic genuine. (It was luck.)

The interviews are on THE TWISTED SISTERS blog, but I’ll also post them here in case you miss one.

2 Responses to “MEET A PSYCHIC”

  1. […] Another favorite of mine is a new one. I have a group of psychics who’ll be interviewed, one each Saturday, for the entire month of November, and probably December, too. We’ll see. Those interviews are on the Twisted Sisters blog, and archieved on my personal blog. […]

  2. Judy Lynn Spess Says:

    Susan, I luv to read u’re writings…cousin Kim has discovered your blog also. Christmas day all our kids were here. Mike played your “mall” blog for us. Tears!!
    Thx for sharing. I luv my niece (all of ’em)

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