Debbora Wiles

I’d like for y’all to meet Debbora. In her very first sentence, she says something Cassaundra, the heroine in BLIND SIGHT, tells the hero. Is it great minds or a woo woo event? You’ll have to answer that.

 First off, I would like to say that everyone is born psychic.  I don’t think their is a person on the planet that hasn’t had a prophetic dream that has come to pass, or followed a “gut feeling” that proved to be correct, or had a “hunch” that proved dead-on correct, or people who just “knew” something was wrong with a child, a parent, a friend or spouse.  It’s just that over the centuries we have put “psychic skills” under manhole cover names, like “woman’s intuition” any many other names to hide what they really are – data collected from a place that does not include our five physical senses.  So this is where we get the label “psychic” or “of the mind.”

1-   What is the definition of a clairvoyant?

Simply put, the word clairvoyant means “clear seeing.”  It means that the person who has this skill primarily processes their incoming “psychic” data through the sense of sight first or with images.  This is not to say that their other senses are not engaged – they are – but only that this is the strongest “download” link.  Other psychics may have other senses that are dominate like clairaudient – or clear hearing – which means they process their data through sound first  or clairscentiat which means they process data with feelings and so on.  Almost all people are Empathic too.

2-   What’s it really like to be a clairvoyant?

Since I was born a clairvoyant it’s hard for me to answer this one.  It’s like asking someone what’s it feels like to have a right hand.  Since you always had that hand it’s hard to imagine what it would be like without it.  But perhaps the best way to answer this is that I pick up and process more data on more levels than most people. 

It’s kind of like radio reception.  Most people are plugged into just one radio stations at a time like 101 AM (physical reality) and 102 AM (dream reality), 101 FM (Intuitive reality) and so on.  Strong psychics are tuned into broadband reception and pick up many more stations at once, like satellite radio or TV so to speak.

Having that broadband reception is a natural part of who I am – so I don’t feel any different than anyone else.  However, other peoples reactions to my skills is very often a mix bag of pain, annoyance, joy and sometimes fear.  A small percentage of the world’s population has displayed psychic skills since the dawn of time.  People like Joan of Arc (a clairaudient), the Witch of Endor (biblical-medium), Nostradamus (clairvoyant), Edgar Cayse (Trans-medium), Jesus (Clair-everything) and many others.  Sadly, the general population not understanding how these people accessed their data and their understandings of nonphysical data put most of these gifted teachers and psychics to death.  True psychics today get a lot heat from history, religion and the misconceptions of psychic skills that are altered to fit Hollywood film scripts or in books. There is also a ton of fraud in this field too.

To someone like me that was born with the skills that’s a ton of baggage to work through. True psychics are healers and the best ones throughout history were ALL healers. Sadly today, many people look at psychics like carnival fortune tellers, and I will agree that there are many of them out there.  I’m not one of them. So when someone comes to me says something like, “Tell me something about me.”  I know they are looking for the carnival fortune teller and I walk away. 

To me this is like going to a doctor and asking them to describe your clothing.  You already know what you are wearing, so it’s a waste of his skills and time – and yours to even cover the topic.  However, if you have a problem or a crisis and need help, this is the best reason to consult a psychic for help, direction and HEALING.

Clairvoyant’s process their data in images and with time and training they come to understand what those images, feeling or senses mean and how to use that data to heal.  Clairvoyants tap into other levels of reality and often see, sense, hear or feel what other people miss or can’t sense.  The best way to describe what I see and sense when I’m working, is that I tap into an alternate reality or energy with half my mind, travel back or forward in time and space, capture images or data in a place where someone asks me to look and bring all that data back to relay it to the person seeking help. This whole process can take seconds or minutes. So in a way it’s a skill in working with active energy – what I call the Dynamic Energy of the universe.

Another misconception about psychic’s in general is that we walk through our whole life with our psychic sensors wide open all the time.  This misconception may be the reason why we get people that just walk up to us and say, “tell me something about me.”  They assume that our psychic sensors are ON all the time. This is not the case.  True psychics are super sensitive to vibration energies in peoples aura bodies, animals aura bodies and everything physical and nonphysical.  So we learn to shield our aura body sensors from the constant bombardment of unwanted data.  Otherwise, it would be like listening to a 1000 radios and TV’s at once.  This static would (and has) driven people crazy.  So we learn NOT to go probing or poking unless we are asked.  So finding and using the OFF button or shield in this case is critical.

3-   How is a clairvoyant trained?

People who are born with or who acquire strong psychic skills in their lifetime often seek out professional training to get control of their skills or to train those skills to broader and finer tuned receptions.  For example, if a clairvoyant has a vision of something that’s ok – unless you are driving down the Interstate at 70 miles an hour – then that’s a huge problem.  Many strong psychics get professional training to get personal control of their own on and off switch.

When I was about 14 years old I came to the understanding that I was getting data that other people were not getting.  I knew I needed control of my “off” switch but there were no psychic schools out there then.  So my logic at the time said, well Jesus was a psychic and I have a few of those skills so I’ll study Him.  But after studying over 15 religions in detail – they never taught me where to find my off switch. So I became a read-a-holic reading all things psychic – I learned a lot of wonderful things reading hundreds of books – but that was not enough.

Lucky for me that I found the Astrological Institute of Integrated Studies which is the same school that trained John Edward of the popular TV program Crossing Over and Cross Country.  Studies at school include a wide range training exercises including meditation, learning how to shield your mind, how to open your mind, how to find objects, how to heal, how to direct energy, how to gather energy and how to turn on and off your perceptions on command and how to tune into other levels of reality – like crossed over light beings.  We are also encouraged to read widely and are trained in professional ethics.  This is where I learned I had an off switch and learned to control it.

4-   What do you do with your gift?

Everything.  I feel that people like me don’t come here to play with skills as strong as mine, so I help people in any way I can.  While I am trained to do the standard things people expect of a psychic, like give readings to see things in future, or the past, or lock on to life paths to find truth, I also find lost objects, pets or people and from time to time I do mediumship and any number of other things.

However, my favorite work is teaching people how to use the psychic skills they were born with – to empower their lives to be fuller, richer and how they can have greater control of their own reality.  I’ve written 8 online books teaching EASY step by step directions or understandings on topics like; Touch Healing, The Psychic Da Vinci Code, Paranormal Mysteries Unraveled, Psychic Science, Dynamic Ghostology 1 and 2.  The Angel Protection House Blessing was written by request this year when I was approached by a group of paranormal investigator hobbyist who were having trouble with “critters” following them home from investigations and needed help setting up home protections.  So other peoples needs often direct my writing and teaching.

Also I am the director and organizer behind where I and several teachers teach everyday people how to use simple psychic skills to empower their everyday lives.  I also do lectures and workshops on metaphysics at sci-fi conventions, psychic fairs and other public events.  I also do weekly online workshop at my web site and I also work with psychic children and their parents.

5-   When did you first realize you had this gift?

The first validation of my psychic skills came when I was 4 years old.  In the 50’s they had several TV programs that were aired live.  One of these programs was Route 66, where the last shot of the show was aired live when the credits ran.  Route 66 was my mother’s favorite show. During one of these live shots, I went  crazy crying and screaming  “Mommy he was hurting and I have to get to him.”  So I proceeded to try and climb into the back of the TV set – which in that time was an array of  hot glass tubes. My mother wrestled me out from behind the TV, rolled me into a ball and rocked me for over an hour to get me calmed down.  And that was that…or so she thought.

However, the next Sunday my mother read in the newspaper that at the close of “this weeks” Route 66 episode, George Maharis (one of the stars of the show) was taken by ambulance to the hospital with sever stomach pains, which turned out to be a life threatening case of food poisoning.  At that moment, my mother looked at me like I had grown two heads – she didn’t understand how I felt what he felt or how I did that – she only knew that I did and it was validated by the newspaper.  She knew something was different about me, but she didn’t want to discuss it either.  

6-   Has it ever caused you problems?

Many times.  Between the ages of 8 and 11 I accurately saw (in detail) and predicted 3 deaths in the family – a trend that stills hold true today. This is extremely hard to cope with now but even harder when was an 8 years old.  So having a skill like mine is sometimes like a double edged sword – it cuts both ways.

Also rarely (Thank God!) the powers-that-be will send me a warning for someone – I have gotten about 5 of these in my lifetime – so they are very rare.  On the other hand they are very accurate.  It’s a hard thing to approach someone cold and share a warning.  And 4 times out 5 the people just blew me off with nasty comments and did not take the warning at all.

One these rare warning I gave to a young single mother with a 5 year old child.  I saw that the man she was dating was going to harm the child in a horrible way – I saw the entire scene unfold.  I warned her strongly to never leave the child alone with him ever.  She blew me off telling me I was nuts, and she married the man.  Six months later she got overseas duty and left the child with him.  Then the couple had a big fight on the phone and he was so enraged he turned his anger on the child and brutally beat and rapped her – she was 6.  He eventually went to jail and the child had to have several surgeries to repair the physical damage – but the mental damage…

In situations like this, the psychic beats themselves up, wondering over and over if they could have said or done anything more to turn that reality around.  So sometimes having pre-knowledge of events is a very heavy responsibility to bear.  We just have to keep in mind that in the end it is that person who his the final decision on their life path’s decisions…all we can do is provide direction and hope they will make a change or take action.

7-   Can you tell us a couple of stories?

I was once contracted by Federal Marshals to work on a cold case that was 7 years old.  They gave me no data at all except the name and age of a child. Slowly, I connected into this child only to discover she was dead – horrible feeling to drop into that without warning! I get her location in the mountains, buried in a dense woods which was too vast to search. They already they knew all this. Over a few weeks time they had me “see” the crime and then they had me turn my attention to the perpetrator of the murder. Since I’m a clairvoyant and see in images and I’m also a psychic artist, I sketched an image of man and faxed it to them.

Using my sketch, they found the man (they said my sketch was a prefect match of him) and located his residence – just three miles from the location of the crime.  Carefully, they set up legal reasons to search his residence where they found article of clothing and other things taken as trophies from more than 7 missing little girls.  He was arrested and was eventually sent to prison. So I played a small role there in helping them get a criminal off the streets.

I also work with private investigators from time to time on cold case murders – its not my favorite work it’s very painful for me, but I help were I can for the families involved.  I’ve also helped locate lost parents for adopted children, helped locate lost objects like wedding bands and rings and I’ve done a lot of psychic healing’s.

My favorite work is teaching people how to program their own realities. I work from time to time with the local abused women’s shelter to help these women reprogram the abuse cycle and get their lives back. This last spring I had an older couple come to me for a consultation that were in a sad state.  They had no home, no jobs, no car and they were living with a woman who was abusing them.  Both felt hopeless with no way out.  Step by step I taught them how to program their own reality and told them if they stuck to the program religiously they would see good results.  Three weeks later (I’m NOT kidding) they showed up at my house.  The two of them had 3 jobs, they picked up a mobile home for a song and moved it onto her property and moved in. They were in town to show me the used van they just bought.  I’m always amazed at the wonders of what people can do when they are given a few tools to empower their own lives. It’s a beautiful thing to see.  

In my opinion, a professional psychic with strong ethics is all about finding the healing path for people.  So it’s not about “fortune telling” even though that comes with psychic skills, it about healing people so they can get their lives back and walk in present time with all the joy and happiness they want.      

Sadly, this is not the driving force for all psychics. As you know fraud runs deep in this profession – as it does with many other professions.  As for me I help and heal people with my skills one person at time.  That is the life of a true psychic – helping others.

Do you have any more questions?

Let me know.

All the best,



Thank you for inviting me to participate with your blog interviews. I appreciate the opportunity to teach a little about what psychics are – there’s a lot of misconceptions out there.  I sincerely appreciate your part in helping out with some of these misconceptions.

 I ask all our psychics for their “brags–books, websites, organizations they belong to, etc, so we readers can support them. Here’s Debbora’s answer.

Ok on brags:  I have two books that people can order on both are anthologies.

Southern Nights – Watercolor Dreams

Writers for Relief: An anthology to benefit the victims of Katrina – The Kiss of Venom

Also I have 7 online books/courses at:

Touch Healing for Plants, Animals and People

Paranormal Mysteries Unraveled

Introduction to Psychic Science

The Psychic Da Vinci Code

Dynamic Ghostology:  1 – 4 The Nonphysical Entities

Dynamic Ghostology:  5 – 8 The Composite Entities

The Angel Protection House Blessing (New 2009)

I am currently working to market The Soul Bonder, a Futuristic Paranormal Romance – I have a pitch with Samhain Publishing on Monday.  Yikes! 

Organizations I belong to:



Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artist (ASFA)

Web site for art:

Facebook (Debbora Wiles)

Twitter (PsychicDebbora)

I’ll make sure to go up and check the blog to answer any questions – send me a note when you post it! 

Thanks and hugs,


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