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I’m Poll Dancing

Posted in My World with tags , on 09/23/2010 by Susan Shay

I don’t think I’ve mentioned in the last couple of days that I blog other places, too. Today, I’m at WRITINGSLUTS. And guess what! I learned how to make a poll. I might have gone just a little overboard. (I made 3. LOL)

No to the poll tax.

Yesterday, I posted on THE TWISTED SISTERS blog.

I hope you’ll drop by and say hi in both places. Be sure to do a little poll dancing with me while you’re there.

What About Names?

Posted in My World with tags , , , , , , , on 09/15/2010 by Susan Shay

If you talk to a writer, one of the things they fixate on is character names. Unlike real life, for our main characters, the names have to be perfect. A tough guy has to have a tough name. A stand-on-her-own-feet woman needs a beautiful name that doesn’t sound like a little girl.

The name needs to fit!

More about names in a few.  

Know what’s in this picture?

It’s hard to tell, but it’s a “hover” of trout. (That’s another hint about where I’m leading. More about that later. Read on!) 

On our trip to Branson, G-Man and I went to the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery. We’ve been there before, but always enjoy going back. I love to fish (although I’ve never fished around Branson) and someday I’m going to learn to fly fish!  

They have lots of pools of trout in sizes starting at about the length of your pinky (maybe that’s why they call them fingerlings) to the ones you see above.

There’s even fish food available to feed them. The jump on each nibble like shiver of sharks in a James Bond movie.

Just below the hatchery is what looks to me like a river, but I think it’s Lake Taneycomo, just at the foot of Tablerock dam.

This is looking down Taneycomo. 

Looking toward the dam. Fishermen waded all the way across the lake right here, and kids played everywhere without parents having to worry too much.

These little girls had a cute puppy. At first, they put him down so he could wade in the water, he acted like a cat–hiked his back and lifted first one foot, and then the other, trying to shake the water off.

They picked him up right away.

I asked the girl’s mother’s permission before I took this picture. Aren’t they both adorable?

While we were at the hatchery, G-Man and I saw two couples from C Town! One was a couple I knew individually, but didn’t know were together until they surprised us while we were fish watching. (Hi, Lori and Michael!)

Being terminally curious, I was full of questions but didn’t have the guts to ask. Luckily, I happened onto Lori in the bathroom, where I got the scoop. Talk about being out of the know! I’m so glad I had a chance to catch up.   

They’re both so nice, and just perfect for each other. 😛

G-Man and I drove up river to a turnout so I could get these pictures of Taneycomo.

Those are fishing boats, dotting the lake. Must be deeper here than near the dam.

The lake  is small, but beautiful. Made me wish I  had a boat so I could see more of it.  

Group names–

So I called it a “hover” of trout. Did you know that a school of trout is a hover? I got an information sheet with a few other names of animal groups.

Here are the most interesting:

(From a give away at the Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery Fish Hatchery information center.)

A group of badgers is a Cete.

A group of moles is a Labor.

A group of cockroaches is an Intrusion! (No kidding.)

A group of owls is a Parliament.

A group of ravens is an Unkindness.

A group of eagles is a Convocation.

And my favorite–A group of buzzards is a Wake.

Rhinoceroses–a crash.

Porcupines–a prickle.

Kangaroos–a troop.

And elephants? A herd. (Didn’t work real hard on that one, did they?)

The group names really kind of make sense, don’t they? How many did you already know?

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