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Secret Keeper Girls

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Above is a picture from the Secret Keeper Girl blog.

Last Saturday night, I took my 11-year-old niece to the SKG conference in Tulsa. We met several other girls (12-years-old and younger) and their moms for dinner first.

The idea of riding in a van full of squealing little girls was a little much for me, so I drove. I noticed at dinner, though, the girls from my church did very little shrieking, and I’m grateful.

Several of my favorite women took their daughters, so I had a great time at dinner. My niece did quite a bit of table hopping–proof she had a great time, too.

I was late getting our tickets, so we didn’t sit with our home group at the conference. If we go next year, I plan to get seats with everyone else!

So what happens at a Secret Keepers conference (beside enough little girl squealing to last me a loooong time?)

They used scriptures to tell the girls that they’re beautiful just as God created them. They are princesses in God’s house and don’t need makeup or tight, revealing clothes to be pretty.

They taught the girls several tests to see if their clothes are what a Secret Keeper should wear, called Truth or Bare Fashion Tests. If you have a minute, check it out. I know several adults who could learn something! (I certainly did.)

Their website has a secret for the girls to discover anytime they’re online. Go see.  

I had a great time at the SKG conference, and only a couple complaints.

1- We could only find two (2!) bathrooms with 3 or 4 stalls each.  I’m not sure how many females were in the place. I’m horrible at that kind of estimating. Maybe a thousand? If there were only 500, EIGHT STALLS ARE NOT ENOUGH!

And those were at the bottom of five or six stairs. I’m so glad I didn’t need John MyCane anymore. I don’t know what women in wheelchairs did. But, yeah, I could live with that.

2- The big complaint at this conference is the same one I have at many Christian functions–Women who think, because they’re at a Christian function, they can order others to do this or that, and we’ll do it because, after all, we are Christians. Do unto others. Right?


So I was directed to “move down” because some friends were coming from the nosebleed section to sit by them.

Hey! I paid for these seats in this section. Those people paid for less expensive seats. Isn’t it tantamount to stealing when they sit in seats they didn’t pay for?

People! What are you teaching your daughters?

Are you wondering if we moved? Yes. We. Did. (Teeth gritted.) Why?

I figured the message I sent my niece by letting someone steal seats was less harmful than the message I’d be sending if I punched out the over-bearing woman. 😉

I’ll have to check with her mother and see what she thinks.

Mullendore Mansion aka The Haunted House

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When I was in high school, I dated one boy pretty much all the time. He was a nice guy and we had lots of fun together. Once we went to a party at Mullendore Mansion–the most famous house in C Town.

This picture is from .

The house is on the National Register of Historic Places, and really does have quite a history.  Naturally, all the kids in town believe it’s haunted.

Part of history: During the years and years when the place was empty, a friend, my sister and I rode our bikes over there and waded through the high grass to peek in the windows. We wanted to see the ghosts.

Luckily, we didn’t see anything (we absolutely would have wet our pants, and Mom would have figured out what we’d been up to) but we heard what sounded like a giant crunching on bones like Fritos.

At first we all froze. Then someone screamed (probably me) and we ran as fast as we could through the tangle of weeds. We jumped on our bikes and ran away as fast as we could!

Years later a family bought the house and moved in. They had two kids close to our age, so when they had a Christmas party, my boyfriend and I went. There were a ton of kids when we got there.

The parents said, “Hi,” and left us alone. (They went upstairs, so if things got wild, they were closeby to shut us down.)

Someone turned out all the lights, except the Christmas tree.  I’d never been at a party like that before (I also didn’t go parking) so I wasn’t real sure what to do.

Good guy that my boyfriend was, he kissed me maybe once, then took me by the hand and led me to the kitchen where he turned on the lights and taught me every card trick he knew.

After that we told scary stories and munched on the great food the mom had prepared and no one else was eating. A few couples even joined us. 😛 (And that’s probably the reason my mom let me date him all the way through high school.)

This isn’t one of my friend’s card tricks (he was good, but not this good.) My thanks to Arkansas Cyndi for sharing.

Christmas is Coming, the Geese are Getting Fat

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I think that’s the way the song went. (There’s a reference to a ha’penny in that song. Never did learn what that was.)

“So what’s the big deal”, you ask. “Christmas comes every year.”

True. But this year I’ve already been told by several people that they’ve already finished their Christmas shopping and have their houses decorated.


Finished shopping? My kids are trained to not think about what they want until at least the end of November. I remember years when DH and I didn’t start shopping until Dec. 18. Then we finished it all in one day. (Yes, I signed the petition to make Marathon shopping an Olympic sport.)

And decorating? I’m not sure we can find the decorations this year. (MS’s entire household is still in my living room. He moved out of his apartment and back home in the summer because the house he was to move in to would be ready in a few weeks. It’s not done yet.)

At least with MS’s stuff in there, I’ll only have half of the decorating to do, if I do much at all. (Yeah, it’s the hippy cocopuffs whine. You’ve heard it before, you can fill it in for yourself.)

Am I going to go all the way and use my hip for an excuse not to do Christmas? To not decorate at all and just give $$ for gifts? Maybe. But maybe not.

I thought I might do that for Thanksgiving, but found myself buying our 14 pounder and sweet potatoes last week. So much for that idea. We’re going to try to consolidate the living room to the west end and eat our Turkey and ham on the east end.

I doubt we can pack it deeply enough to get to the fire place to hang our stockings I knitted last year, though. I’ll be really sad if we don’t get to use them. Might have to hang them on the stairs instead of the mantle. I wonder if Santa can find them there?

So the holidays are upon us and I’m as far from being ready for them as I’ve ever been. What am I going to do? Worry? Whine?

Probably. Or I might just enjoy the change and go with the flow.

So, if you could come up with a dream Christmas, what/where would it be?

Skiing in a Christmas blessed wonderland?

You, a beach and your favorite bum in Mexico?

Every relative you’ve ever enjoyed at your house with Emeril doing the cooking?

A big party with all your heart friends?

Having someone else do all the work while you do all the enjoying? (Or would that make you the husband instead of the wife?)

Let me know.

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